Forbole Updates (Dec 2020)


7th Dec 2020, 12:48 pm

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is coming. Forbole is also growing quickly :) It’s time to give you all an update (I know I should do it earlier…).

1. New Forbole Website (

After more than three years, we have revamped our website for the first time!

2. New Forbole Blog

Comes with the new web is the new blog. We are migrating our blog from this Medium to In the future, Medium will serve as an announcement channel.

Our team is working hard to improve the UX of the web and the blog. Stay tuned!

3. New teammates

4. We put more effort in our portfolio projects

We are expanding our staking portfolio gradually. More than making investments and running validator nodes on our portfolio projects, we engage actively in the communities and improve the tools for users. Below are some of our recent effort:




Oasis Protocol


And of course, we have tremendous progress on Desmos project. We still need some more time to wrap up. Meanwhile, you may first read Desmos blog.


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  • Akash
  • Big Dipper
  • DeCloud
  • Cosmos Hub
  • Governance Proposal
  • StackExchange
  • LikeCoin
  • Oasis Protocol
  • Solana
  • Stake-o-Matic
  • Desmos


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