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Validator Infrastructure

Building the Multi-chain from the ground up

Validator Infrastructure
Validator Infrastructure

Use cases

We are among the genesis validator sets on prominent Proof-of-Stake chains including Cosmos Hub, Solana, Oasis, Sui, Wormhole and others.


Solana is a high performance blockchain network supporting a wide range of use cases, including finance, NFTs, payments and gaming. Solana is known for being extremely fast, scalable and energy-efficient. Forbole is one of the genesis validators of Solana.


The is a unique protocol that enables the distributed operation of an Ethereum validator by utilizing Distributed Validator Technology (DVT). Forbole is one of the verified operators of SSV.


The Wormhole Network is a cross-chain messaging protocol that facilitates interoperability among decentralized applications built on various blockchains. Wormhole supports a wide range of cross-chain use cases, ranging from tokens, DeFi, NFTs and governance. Forbole is one of the 19 guardians who secure the Wormhole Network and operate its governance process.

Our Strengths

Trusted by 40+ networks and bridges worldwideEnterprise grade setup including remote signer, DDoS protection and double-signing preventionIndustry leading security protocolsSelf-owned and cloud-based servers across the worldHigh-availability nodes


Partners who trust us

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Boz Menzalji

COO of Overclock Labs, creator of Akash Network

Forbole's team has been a reliable partner from the earliest days for Akash Network, allowing us to tap into deep know-how for testnets, mainnet upgrades, and more. The tools they have contributed to the ecosystem, such as Big Dipper's Explorer, has been a great value-add to our growing ecosystem. We are fortunate to have a great partner with Forbole.

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Michael McCaffrey

Lead Business Developer, Coreum

Forbole is an exceptional SaaS provider that offers valuable solutions, especially within the Cosmos ecosystem. Their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality services have greatly benefited the Coreum blockchain. Their team has been responsive, knowledgeable, and efficient in addressing our needs and ensuring a seamless experience. I highly recommend Forbole to anyone seeking reliable and innovative SaaS solutions.

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Calin Pasat

Node Foundation Director,

Working with Forbole has been an enlightening experience. As validators, they are reliably efficient, but it's their commitment to contributing to the broader ecosystem that truly sets them apart with open-source tools like Big Dipper Explorer. Their forward-thinking nature is evident in their proactive involvement in various projects, reflecting a deep understanding and a promising vision for the blockchain industry.