Blockchain Data Analytics Tools

Empowering you with real-time on-chain data

Data Visualization

Our award-winning block explorer Big Dipper empowers token holders and blockchain developers with easy access to on-chain data. Big Dipper currently supports more than 50 blockchain networks and has been forked over 700 times. Big Dipper is also a user-friendly tool for staking and voting on governance proposals on multi-chains.

Always Open Source

Since the birth of Big Dipper at HackAtom3 by Cosmos in 2018, it has been an open source project to give all token holders free access to on-chain data. Fork now for your project, or contact us if you would like us to build a Big Dipper for your project with customised requirements.

Free Staking Tool

Connect your wallet with Big Dipper to stake your tokens to one or more validators of your choice, and claim your staking rewards with ease.

Free Governance Tool

Being a token holder does not only mean you have an economic interest, you also have a say in the governance of the projects. Connect your wallet with Big Dipper to vote on governance proposals of the relevant chain.

Customizable for any blockchains

Big Dipper is the only full-feature block explorer that is completely open-source. The modularize development of Big Dipper enables fast and easy deployment.