We are validators, builders and contributors.

We are validators, builders and contributors.

Co-building Interchain

Co-building Interchain

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Our Team

Leonardo Bragagnolo
Leonardo Bragagnolo Software Engineer

Apple Choi
Apple Choi Software Engineer Intern

Rooty Chan
Rooty Chan UX Designer

Anson Cheung
Anson Cheung Project Director

Rachel Ho
Rachel Ho Trainee Software Engineer

Terence Lam
Terence Lam CoFounder & Evangelist

Laura Nori
Laura Nori Communication Designer

Riccardo Montagnin
Riccardo Montagnin Software Engineer

Steven Ping
Steven Ping Partner

Monika Pusz
Monika Pusz Software Engineer

Shilin Research & Community Developer

Kwun Yeung
Kwun Yeung CoFounder & Conductor

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