Co-building the Interchain

We’re validators, builders & contributors, we provide enterprise-level staking service to both whales and fish


Supported Networks

Forbole is supporting over 30 blockchain projects by providing validation service to secure the networks, building block explorers to monitor network status, and participating in community activities to boost netowrk awarness.

Big Dipper Screenshot

All-in-one non-custodial wallet

Staking, Governance, Managing

A secure and easy way to manage your crypto assets with real time block data.
You can send, receive, choose your validators, and vote on proposals on Big Dipper Wallet.
The beauty of our wallet is that it is very straightforward to operate with sufficient hints, and we provide all the information you need in one place!

What's new?

Forbole in action. Check out what the team is busy with recently.


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