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Native Staking Service

Securing the Multi-chain 24/7

Native Staking Service
Native Staking Service

Native Staking

Via staking tokens to a blockchain validator, token holders take part in the process of securing Proof-of-Stake networks. As a battle-tested validator with 5+ years' track record, Forbole offers a wide range of token assets and maximizes the potential gain for token holders.

Secure and long-term

We keep track of the latest developments in technology and apply the highest security standard in our staking practices. We monitor networks 24/7 with our distributed team of infrastructure experts, to give you the peace-of-mind you deserve.

Track record

5+ years experience as staking provider

Latest Technology

Enterprise-grade security

Representing you

Active in governance

We are not here for quick gain

Having been through multiple market cycles, we know the ups and downs, the opportunities and pitfalls. We optimise our infrastructure and team setup to stay agile and resilient in a constantly volatile market.