Akash DeCloud

Ravi Soni

2nd Dec 2020, 9:08 am

Akash is a decentralised cloud computing marketplace, that aims to offer the multitude of benefits of cloud computing services such as cost-efficient and rapid scalability, flexibility and sustainability, without the risks associated with centralisation, such as mass outages and concentration of power to the few major players in the cloud computing market.

This is especially important for decentralised networks, where there has been concern about how many nodes are running on AWS and other cloud giants.

The Akash DeCloud marketplace matches up those who wish to offer compute resources (providers) with those seeking to run applications in the cloud (tenants). Tenants publish a configuration file specifying their application requirements, which providers then bid on, with the lowest bid winning and running the workload.

Mainnet Launch

Mainnet 1 was recently launched after several years of work by the Akash team and community. This was followed by the listing of AKT, the token that powers the network, on BitMax exchange (BitMart to follow soon). This first step established the core economic and governance functions of the network, which you can read more about here.

Forbole are supporting this by running an Akash Network validator, and hosting our Big Dipper explorer for Akash network at https://akash.bigdipper.live/, where you can stake your tokens to contribute to the security of the network and earn rewards.

The next milestone of the journey is Mainnet 2, which will see the launch of the marketplace itself, enabling providers to offer computing power and developers to deploy their apps.

Akashian Challenge

In order to drive adoption and test the system prior to the launch of Mainnet 2, Akash has developed a series of challenges for interested parties to get to know how it works, incentivised by prizes of AKT tokens. Phase 3 of the challenge began this week, on a testnet which you can also explore using Big Dipper.

We at Forbole are very excited to be participating in the Akashian Challenge. Having completed the first two challenges of this phase, we are impressed by how simple and quick it is to get an application up and running, and are looking forward to see the innovative applications that participants from all over the world will deploy!


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