We are blockchain validators, builders, contributors, and your trusted partner in the future of decentralization.

What we do?

Founded in Hong Kong in 2017, Forbole [ˈfɔːbəl] is a pioneer in building blockchain solutions with a strong focus on user experience. Our goal is to make blockchain space more accessible to more people.

We provide enterprise grade staking services for over 20 blockchain networks and crypto asset management tools for more than 10 cryptocurrencies; we actively participate in communities and governance; we also build a sovereign blockchain for social network applications to encourage mass adoption of cryptos and blockchain technologies.

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Milestones & Awards


Forbole is Founded

Forbole Limited was founded in Hong Kong by Kwun Yeung and Terence Lam

Oct 2017


Validator Debut

Joined the Cosmos Hub testnet as a validator, indicating our validator career has officially kicked off.

Apr 2018

Big Dipper is born

2nd Place, Alerting & Monitoring Category, HackAtom3 by Cosmos, HackAtom 3 of ICF. The winning project later becomes the prototype of Big Dipper block explorer.

Aug 2018


Graduates from AppWorks

Completed AppWorks Accelerator Program in Taipei (Pitch on Demo Day in Mandarin with English subtitle)

Jun 2019

Inception of De-social network

3rd Prize, HackAtom Seoul, the winning project has become the prototype of Desmos.

Jul 2019


Big Dipper goes "Interchain"

Builds Big Dipper explorers for non-Cosmos SDK blockchians, including Celo and Flow.

Q4 2020

Introducing Desmos

Launches the public testnet of Desmos, the blockchain protocol for decentralized social networks (explorer). Launched its first DApp Mooncake (test version) a month later.

Jan 2020


New Big Dipper is out

A revamped version of Big Dipper supporting multiple blockchains with more functionalities is presented.

Q1 2021


With team members in Europe, Africa, and Asia, Forbole is setting an example of how to to manage a fast-paced global team in the blockchian industry.

The team consists of highly skilled software engineers, experienced financial experts, and creative marketers.

Kwun Yeung

Cofounder & Conductor

Terence Lam

Cofounder & Evangelist

Shilin Zheng

Project & Content

Michael Wu

Finance & Operations Manager

Riccardo Montagnin

Tech Lead

Muhammad Elsayeh

Blockchain Engineer

Ravi Soni

Infrastructure Engineer

Calvin Kei

Senior Software Engineer

Wingman Lee

Software Engineer

Leonardo Bragagnolo

Software Engineer

Manuel Turetta

Software Engineer

Rachel Ho

Software Engineer

Monika Pusz

Software Engineer

Apple Choi

Software Engineer

Paul Chen

Software Engineer

Tina Liao

Software Engineer

Caroline Lau


Laura Nori

Communication Designer

Rooty Chan

UX Designer


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Copyright © Forbole 2021
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