We provide enterprise-level staking and solutions to blockchains and hodlers

What we do?

Founded in Hong Kong in 2017, Forbole [ˈfɔːbəl] is a pioneer in blockchain staking, technology and UX solution.

We provide network infrastructure, staking service, software development and community management.

To summarize, we have three pillars:

  • Validator: We are a well-known validator and contributor in nearly 20 blockchains.

  • Block explorer: We created Big Dipper, a block explorer used by people from over 140 countries.

  • Ecosystem chain: We initiated Desmos project, which is an open-source blockchain and tech stack for decentralized social networks.

With these three pillars, we position ourselves as an experienced validator with strong UX ability to help the blockchain space to achieve wide adoption.

Milestones & Awards

Oct 2017

Established Forbole

Forbole Limited was founded in Hong Kong by Kwun Yeung and Terence Lam

Jun 2019

Completed AppWorks Accelerator Program

Completed AppWorks Accelerator Program in Taipei (Pitch on Demo Day in Mandarin with English subtitle)

Apr 2018

As a blockchain validator

Joined the testnet of Cosmos Hub which was our first presence as a blockchain validator.

Jul 2019


Cosmos HackAtom Seoul — Winners

3rd Prize, HackAtom Seoul (through the prototype of Desmos)

Jul 2018

Mentioned by Cosmos

Mentioned by Cosmos/ Interchain Foundation (“ICF”)

Aug 2019

ICF Grantee

Become an ICF Grantee

Aug 2018


HackAtom3 Winner

2nd Place, Alerting & Monitoring Category, HackAtom3 by Cosmos, HackAtom 3 of ICF

Dec 2019


Founding Member Challenge Winners, Akash

Founding Member Challenge Winners, Akash

Feb 2019


Top Scorer

Top Scorer, Incentivised Testnet of IRISnet

Jan 2020

Launched the public testnet of Desmos

Launched the public testnet of Desmos, the blockchain designed for decentralized social networks (explorer)

Feb 2019


Game of Stakes

Never Jailed Winner, Game of Stakes of ICF

Feb 2020

Launched Mooncake

Launched Mooncake, the decentralized microblogging app built on Desmos. Download Mooncake

Our Team Members

With team members in Europe, Africa, and Asia, Forbole is truly a global team with global position. The team consists of highly skilled software engineers, experienced financial experts, and creative marketers. We speak your language!

Leo Bragagnolo

Software Engineer

Rooty Chan

UX Designer

Paul Chen

Software Engineer

Anson Cheung

Project Director

Apple Choi

Software Engineer

Muhammad Elsayeh

Blockchain Engineer

Rachel Ho

Software Engineer

Terence Lam

Cofounder & Evangelist

Caroline Lau


Wingman Lee

Software Engineer

Tina Liao

Software Engineer

Riccardo Montagnin

Tech Lead

Laura Nori

Communication Designer

Monika Pusz

Software Engineer

Ravi Soni

Infrastructure Engineer

Michael Wu

Finance & Operations Manager

Kwun Yeung

Cofounder & Conductor

Shilin Zheng

Research & Content

Current career opportunities

If you are a blockchain believer or a crypto enthusiast, we might have something for you!

There are currently no positions available at this time :(


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