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構建多鏈 由零開始



我們是數個知名PoS鏈(包括Cosmos Hub、Solana、Oasis、Sui、Wormhole等)的創世驗證人之一。


Solana 是一個高性能區塊鍊網絡,支援多個不同範疇的實例,包括金融、NFT、支付和遊戲。 Solana 以極快、可擴展和節能而聞名。 Forbole 是 Solana 的創世驗證人之一。

SSV 建立獨特的協議,它利用分佈式驗證器技術(DVT)實現以太坊驗證器的分佈式操作。 Forbole 是SSV 的認可的營運商之一。


Wormhole 網絡建立消息傳遞的跨鏈協議,可促進各區塊鏈所建設的去中心化應用程式間的互操作性。Wormhole 支援多個不同範疇的實例,包括通證、DeFi、NFT 和治理。 Forbole 是確保 Wormhole 網絡能營運其治理流程的 19 名維護者之一。


獲得超過 40 個網絡及跨鏈橋的信任企業級設置,包括遠端簽署、DDoS 保護和雙重支付防護行業領先的安全協議自家擁有的雲伺服器遍佈全球高可用性節點



Person Avatar

Boz Menzalji

COO of Overclock Labs, creator of Akash Network

Forbole's team has been a reliable partner from the earliest days for Akash Network, allowing us to tap into deep know-how for testnets, mainnet upgrades, and more. The tools they have contributed to the ecosystem, such as Big Dipper's Explorer, has been a great value-add to our growing ecosystem. We are fortunate to have a great partner with Forbole.

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Michael McCaffrey

Lead Business Developer, Coreum

Forbole is an exceptional SaaS provider that offers valuable solutions, especially within the Cosmos ecosystem. Their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality services have greatly benefited the Coreum blockchain. Their team has been responsive, knowledgeable, and efficient in addressing our needs and ensuring a seamless experience. I highly recommend Forbole to anyone seeking reliable and innovative SaaS solutions.

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Calin Pasat

Node Foundation Director,

Working with Forbole has been an enlightening experience. As validators, they are reliably efficient, but it's their commitment to contributing to the broader ecosystem that truly sets them apart with open-source tools like Big Dipper Explorer. Their forward-thinking nature is evident in their proactive involvement in various projects, reflecting a deep understanding and a promising vision for the blockchain industry.