Forbole is raising its commission rate on LikeCoin


1st Dec 2020, 9:40 am

As a genesis validator and the core team behind LikeCoin Big Dipper, we have gained huge support from the LikeCoin community. We have been delegated with nearly 9% of voting power, making us the third highest on the validator table. Thank you so much for your support.

LikeCoin ecosystem is expanding gradually. As more validators have joined the network, there is a need for decentralizing the voting power.

To achieve this, Forbole has decided to raise its commission rate on LikeCoin to 60%. The new rate will become effective during the day time on 7 Dec 2020 (UTC+8). This will be the highest amongst all the validators according to the current information. We will revise our commission policy again when there is a change in market parameters such as voting power and inflation.


We think LikeCoin is one of the most underrated projects in Cosmos ecosystem. You may not hear of that or you have ignored its performance and strategic position in Cosmos.

LikeCoin Chain is built with Cosmos SDK and Tendermint. They aim at developing a decentralized publishing infrastructure with the tagline “reinventing the like”. It has built a strong and engaging user base in Chinese market especially Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. This users segment is crucial to the expansion of Cosmos.

As of 30 Nov 2020, LikeCoin has nearly 90,000 registered users (“Liker”). They have rewarded nearly 40M LIKE tokens to over 340,000 pieces of contented created by over 12,000 creators.

One characteristic of LikeCoin’s users is that they were not that crypto-native. Most of them know blockchain or Cosmos the first time through LikeCoin. They are quality content creators and consumers who have joined crypto space because of LikeCoin. I strongly believe this is what Cosmos at large has to put more effort on in order to achieve the wide adoption of the relevant technologies.

I highly recommend Cosmos community to step out of your comfort zone and support hardworking Cosmos ecosystem chains who are making a difference and expanding the reach of Cosmos.


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