Forbole, a blockchain startup working on a social ecosystem, was found in Oct 2017. Forbole has two co-founders, Kwun Yeung (technology and product development) and Terence Lam (marketing and management). To know more about our team, please visit our website. Forbole is in seed funding stage.


  • Full-time internship in the Summer of 2018 (May/Jun to End of August 2018)
  • Assist in developing the minimum viable product of our MarTech project which is about combining machine learning, visual analytics and prediction.


  • Undergraduate in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems or other related disciplines;
  • Experience as developer in MarTech, AdTech, AI sectors will be a plus;
  • Excellent knowledge of Javascript, node.js, Go or Python;
  • Knowledge of Tensorflow and Firebase;
  • Knowledge of Meteor or MongoDB is a plus;

If you are interested, please send your resume, portfolio, current and expected package and whatever you think can help us to understand you more to [email protected].