Forbole, founded in October 2017 by  Kwun Yeung and Terence Lam, is a seed-stage blockchain startup in Hong Kong. We are developing a decentralized ecosystem for various blockchain applications and users which will include a token crowdfunding platform backed by a referral-based business social network. Our goal is to help businesses of all scales to join the internet of blockchains and get listed in a brand new way.

We use Cosmos SDK and Tendermint to develop our own blockchain, and we are 1 of the 27 confirmed projects in Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem. We may be one of the very few startups who is building their own blockchains.

To accomplish our objectives, we are recruiting for our early teammates of around 6 people. 4 of them will be developers. We welcome developers of various experiences, fresh graduates are included.


  • Complete various components of our projects which for instance include the referral-based business social network, the token crowdfunding platform, our ICO campaign and the tokenization of our side-project


  • Mentally ready to work in startups and strive for upside potential
  • Solid experience in web/app/software development;
  • Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems or other related disciplines;
  • Excellent knowledge of Javascript, node.js, Go or Python;
  • Knowledge of Meteor or MongoDB will be a plus;
  • Some knowledge of Cosmos, Tendermint, Ethereum or other knowledge about blockchain development;

Option pool:

  • The option pool for the entire early team (excluding the 2 co-founders who will not have options) will be accounted for at least 6% of the total diluted number of shares immediately before the current round of financing which is under discussion. The conversion prices of the options will be based on the valuations between HK$3m to HK$9m, which will be finalised shortly.


  • Early teammates will also be granted a portion of Forbole Tokens once it is ready. The structure of our employee token scheme is still under discussion.


If you are interested, please send your resume, portfolio, current and expected package and whatever you think can help us to understand you more to [email protected].