COSMOS Hub Validator

COSMOS Hub Validator

We are a startup on Cosmos.
We are a leading independent validator on Cosmos Hub.
We are a Never Jailed winner in the Game of Stakes.
We create the award-winning Cosmos block explorer Big Dipper.
We are also validating IRIS Hub and Terra.

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Forbole is an active contributor in Cosmos and IRISnet communities. We are developing ForboleChain, a BPoS blockchain specialized in distributed reputations, powered by Cosmos SDK.


We are experienced in network infrastructure design for financial institutions and governmental departments. We have sentry nodes across different cloud platforms to diversify security risks.


Our validator node is running with 99.98% uptime guarantee. We have developed our own monitoring tools to keep our node operators alert on any issues occur in our infrastructure.


We have been in the genesis blocks of the testnets with our node operators being active. We are a named winner of Game of Stakes, a prize-winner of HackAtom3 and top scorer of Incentivised Testnet by IRISnet.

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We are a team with solid experience in network infrastructure, experience design, crypto economics and portfolio management.

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We are running #PayWhatYouWant campaign as we don’t believe in one price fits all. Our commission? your call!

Our Cosmos validator operator address: cosmosvaloper14kn0kk33szpwus9nh8n87fjel8djx0y070ymmj

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