COSMOS Hub Validator

COSMOS Hub Validator

What Comes Around Goes Around
To help secure the running of the COSMOS™ Network, Forbole is a COSMOS Hub Validator Candidate.

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Forbole cares about the COSMOS Network and our delegators.


We have experience in network infrastructure design for financial institutions which provide high security for our delegators. We have sentry nodes across different cloud platforms to diversify security risk.


Our validator node is running at datacenter with 99.98% uptime guarantee. We have developed our own monitoring tools to keep our node operators alert on any issues occur in our infrastructure.


Forbole believes in contribution and construction. We are in the genesis block of the testnet and our node operators are active in the COSMOS community. We share knowledge to make COSMOS become stronger.

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We are a team with professional experience in network infrastructure, finance, digital marketing, blockchain and machine learning.

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If you are new to ATOM delegation and would like to learn more about the validating process, feel free to join the COSMOS validator chat. We are always there to help.

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