First Cosmos Meetup in Shenzhen

August 10, 2019, Cosmos validators in greater China area including IRISnet, Ping.Pub and Forbole, gathered at the first ever Cosmos Shenzhen Meetup to share the up-to-date news and knowledge in Cosmos, the internet of blockchains. The meetup has attracted hundreds of curious audience both online and off-line. 

Ping introduced basics of Cosmos SDK

Ping Liang, founder of Ping.Pub, a validator of Cosmos, kicked off the meetup with the basic concept, structure, and core modules of Cosmos. He then elaborated about the convenience, security and interchain function of Cosmos SDK with several examples, as well as explained how to build your own blockchain based on Cosmos SDK.  

Kwun introduced Desmos with Cosmos SDK x WASM

Kwun Yeung, co-founder of Forbole, introduced the Desmos project for the first time to Chinese audience. Desmos is a public chain built with Cosmos SDK with its own modules specifically designed for social networking features. One of the modules is Magpie which provides identity and accountability to validators, delegators and other types of stakeholders with a novel and generalizable temporary key pairing method using browser-based WASM.. 

Harriet introduced IRISnet & DeFi

The third keynote speaker, Harriet Cao, co-founder of IRISnet, the first regional hub in the Cosmos ecosystem  and Bianjie, strategic partner of Cosmos in China region, explained the recent development of IRISnet, especially their achievement in developing a secure and high-performant platform for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications through Cosmos SDK. 

Round Table discussion

The round table discussion was moderated by Kwun, and the panelists were Ping, Terence, Chuanlin Zhao – CEO of SSSnodes Jie Lin – an active contributor on the Chinese community of Cosmos/IRISnet. The panelists shared their own knowledge and points of view of topics such as staking economy, node operation, network security, cryptos regulation and DeFi. The most interesting topic among all was the “zero commission fee”, which the panelists heatedly debated about. 

Many blockchain enthusiasts, Cosmos learners, and potential investors came to the meetup and they all left with a better understanding on the infinite possibilities of the Cosmos and the internet of blockchains.