Forbole has been born (officially)

[中文按此] On 24 Oct 2017, Forbole has been born. Who else was born on 24 Oct? One of them is Stephen Covey, the author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, one of the best selling self-help books ever.

Covey coined the idea of abundance mentality, a concept in which a person believes there are enough resources and successes to share with others. We are not playing a zero-sum game. Your success is not necessarily made at the expense of mine. If I help you this time, and you help me next time, both of us will become better. If more people think like this, our world will become a better place.

So, what is Forbole?

“Forbole” is a portmanteau of “for” and “Bole”. We are sure you know what is “for”. What is “Bole” then? Time for a Chinese lesson.

“Bole” was the legendary inventor of equine physiognomy, which is a technique to “judge a horse’s qualities from appearance”. In Modern Standard Chinese, Bole figuratively means “good judge of (especially hidden) talent”. (

We are so lucky that we have met a lot of Bole in our life who unleashed our potential and helped us to grow. We would like to help more Bole to discover more hidden talents. That’s why we founded Forbole, a reliable social ecosystem based on recommendations, referrals, and rewards, enabled by blockchain.

The pre-ordering of our premium memberships (which will include Boleus Tokens, the crypto-tokens we will develop) has started. Join us as a Bole to make this world a better place full of opportunity, success, and happiness.



Terence Lam
Co-Founder of
Forbole, a blockchain startup


Forbole 正式誕生了

[English here] 2017 年 10 月 24 日,布樂誕生了。還有誰是在 10 月 24 日誕生呢?其中之一,就是暢銷書「高效能人士的七個習慣」的作者史提芬柯維。


那麽,Forbole 是甚麽?

“Forbole” 是我們以 “for” 及 “Bole” 混合新創的字。”Bole” 就是伯樂的普通話拼音。或許各位都聽過「世有伯樂,然後有千里馬」,伯樂就是懂得鑑別有才者的人。Forbole 的中文名為「布樂」,有布施快樂之意,亦是我們人生的意義。

我們非常幸運,在人生路上一直遇到很多伯樂,釋放我們的潛能,幫助我們成長。我們希望協助更多的伯樂發掘更多的千里馬。所以,我們成立 Forbole – 一個以區塊鏈技術開發,基於推介、引薦及獎勵的可靠社交生態環境,

我們的尊貴會籍 (包括我們自建的加密代幣布樂幣) 現正進行預售。我們誠意邀請你加入成為伯樂,令這個世界變得更美好,並充滿機遇、成就及快樂。


區塊鏈初創 Forbole