Forbole #8: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! While most people celebrate on 25 Dec, many Orthodox Christians celebrate on 7 Jan.

People are different in every aspect. Different cultures, different languages, different looks, different genders. They even have different dates to celebrate Christmas. We hope to live in a world of diversity and inclusivity. Don’t let one single view to rule them all. At least this is true in the internet of blockchains which allows projects with different views to connect together.

Forbole is working hard as part of this internet of blockchains. We want to remove the dictatorship of social networking behemoths and make the users to become the true owners of social networks. Our entire project idea and value proposition are summarized in this Whitepaper. You may first spend 3 minutes to read this Lighter version.

We can have one more chance to celebrate happiness. Why not?