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26th Nov 2020, 4:45 pm

You probably have come across words such as “privacy” “data” “protection” often over the past a couple of years. There are Congress and Senate hearings regarding protecting consumer data and privacy in the United States, regulation to govern how personal data can be processed or transferred in the European Union, documentaries and investigations to expose how internet companies are selling user data, etc.

Every click we make, every page we open, every item we look at, are all transferred into data that is collected by some companies. The worst part is that they use this data collected FROM you to SELL you stuff. You earn NOTHING by compromising your privacy, while SPENDING more money because of those ads targeted at you. If you haven’t, then you should, realize it is time to pay attention to your own privacy, to protect your personal information, and to guard your personal data.

That’s also why you want to take a look at Oasis Network, a blockchain project aimed to protect user privacy in the rapidly changing data economy.  It leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized data platform with benefits of immutability and traceability. Its privacy-preserving design ensures the data sovereignty is in the hands of the individual who really owns it, instead of some internet companies or other entities.  

Maybe that is the best we can get for now: decentralized and private duo. Imagine one day, you know what and how your personal data is collected, you control what part of your personal information being analyzed, and you still enjoy the convenience as of today without the concerns of your personal information being mishandled. Furthermore, you earn some money by allowing the apps to process your data!

Key information about Oasis

ROSE is a utility and settlement token for staking and delegating at Oasis’ Consensus layer as well as paying transaction fees for related operations;
Max supply 10 billion ROSE coins; circulating supply 1.5 billion ROSE coins;
Listed on Binance and KuCoin at the time of writing this article.
  • Roughly 2.3 billion, or 23.5% of ROSEs will be distributed as staking rewards to delegators and stakers, which will be disbursed in accordance with block producing rate, total token staked, and total nodes participating.
  • Founded in 2018 by Professor Dawn Song, the Oasis team consists of security experts, software engineers, and privacy-advocates from Apple, Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, Harvard, and more.  

Feature Highlights

  • Tokenized data: user data can be translated into tokens on Oasis. Users can earn rewards by staking their “data”, allowing apps to analyze their data while controlling how their most sensitive information is being consumed.
  • Confidential computing: keep data encrypted and private while being processed, also prevent data being reused without permission. This process is named “Secure Enclaves” and now available in Oasis Labs’ ParaTime.
  • ParaTime scaling architecture: this architecture separates consensus (Consensus Layer) from computation (ParaTime Layer), enabling high-speed transaction and bringing high scalability. ParaTime Layer hosts many different parallel compute environments, each representing replicated compute environments with shared state.
  • Versatility: Oasis network is designed to support thousands of blockchain applications with different scopes, addressing a broad set of use cases.
Consensus and ParaTime Layer structure at Oasis. From: https://docs.oasis.dev/general/faq/oasis-network-faq

Stake your $ROSE with Forbole

Why Stake with Forbole

Oasis Network Mainnet was launched on November 18 with a set of 75 genesis validators. Forbole is one of the initial nodes and has signed the first block with our fellow node operators around the world.

Coming from a background of digital marketing, we understand deeply how urgent it is to tackle the privacy issue, hence we are in full support of Oasis’ mission and vision. We started engaging with the Oasis team back in 2018, joined their public testnet in 2019, and have been following Oasis’ every step of the way. We are excited to see the mainnet launched smoothly, as well as the huge potential Oasis is unlockching.

Forbole is a renowned validator in the Proof-of-Stake blockchain space trusted by hundreds of token holders and delegators. We provide staking services for over 20 networks, including Cosmos Hub, Kava, Band Protocol, Akash Network and more. Forbole team has built award-winning blockchain tools and contributed to many Tendermint consensus based projects. Co-founder Kwun Yeung sits on the board of Technical Advisory at Interchain Foundation.

How to stake

You can find Forbole’s node operation data on Oasis Scan. You could stake through Ledger CLI,  Anthem (Ledger GUI), and Bitpie(mobile wallet). Please refer to the Oasis guide for more detailed instructions.

Delegate ROSE to Forbole at: oasis1qr0jwz65c29l044a204e3cllvumdg8cmsgt2k3ql

Let’s go to Oasis together, and grow some ROSE. Don’t trust, always VERIFY.

Learn more about Forbole:

Telegram | Twitter | Website | GitHub


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