Forbole Running Consensus Node on Flow


23rd Dec 2020, 2:31 am

Have you used Genie before? Justin Bieber announced his Christmas song on Twitter through his Genie.

Are you a NBA fan? If so, you probably would like to check out NBA Top Shot, where you can collect and own the most brilliant moments in NBA history.  

Or have you ever bred a digital Kitty on CryptoKitties?

Do you know all these fun apps are all associated with one platform? Here comes Flow network, a blockchain project that is home to some famous gaming applications and counting.

Flow is a general-purpose blockchain developed by Dapper Labs, the team behind CryptoKitties. Dapper Labs team brought their extensive experience developing gaming applications on the Ethereum network, combined with user and developer-friendly thinking, into the Flow network. Flow blockchain is set to scale and easily onboard non-technical users in gaming, digital asset management and other application cases, and ultimately facilitate mass adoption of cryptos.

Feature Highlights

  • Users can create a Flow Port account to interact with all apps and manage assets on the Flow network.
  • Flow is a proof-of-stake blockchain network, adopting a four-role architecture to secure the network and improve transaction speed. The roles are Collection, Verification, Consensus, and Execution. Each type of node has a specific task in the validation process to increase efficiency.
  • Flow is designed as a foundation for multiple applications. It provides different development tools and guidance for developers to easily build consumer-facing products with a built-in crypto economics.
Multi-role architecture at Flow:

Key information

  • Native Token: FLOW
    • Users will need FLOW to transact and interact with different apps, games, smart contracts built on Flow blockchain.
    • Initial supply is 1.25 billion, no max supply. Inflation rate is 20% initially to bootstrap ecosystem liquidity to empower many use cases being built on Flow, ~3.75% when network stables. More about distribution and staking rewards rate here.
    • Wallet support: Ledger & Blocto
    • Exchange support: CoinList & Kraken
    • FLOW staking rewards are enabled. You will earn the same amount of rewards regardless what type of nodes you delegate to for now. You will start earning rewards at the next epoch after you make your delegation (1 epoch is approximately 7 days).
    • Unbonding period: 2 epochs (between 7-14 days).

Stake your $FLOW with Forbole

Forbole is a renowned validator in the Proof-of-Stake blockchain space trusted by hundreds of token holders and delegators. We provide staking services for over 20 networks, including Flow, Cosmos Hub, Kava, Band Protocol, Akash Network and more.

Forbole is one of the Flow’s community partners and has built the block explorer for Flow, which is backed by the Flow team.

How to Stake $FLOW:

Forbole is running a consensus node on Flow. The node ID is: 237a7a04ecf88b7c21001589ecc277190a6f7cd6e56a296a203552ade6db0927

If you are on Flow Port with Ledger, follow the simple steps shown below.

Choose "Start Delegating" in the window on the right to start your delegation:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Paste Forbole's ID (237a7a04ecf88b7c21001589ecc277190a6f7cd6e56a296a203552ade6db0927) in Step 4 to delegate to Forbole:

Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Developer-friendly, mainstream-facing, Flow network is unlocking the next-generation of gaming and crypto experience.  
Drop the beat, let’s get your Flow going!  

Learn more about Forbole:

Telegram | Twitter | Website | GitHub


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