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25th Aug 2020, 5:22 am

Since we started Forbole, a blockchain startup, we have got a lot of questions from families and friends on what is blockchains, what is Bitcoin, what they can do, etc. We started to send out links to books, podcast, and videos to help them get started and gradually it has evolved into a curated list of reading/watching/listening materials (including articles, books, videos, and podcasts). We figure out it might also be worth sharing the list with broader audience, whoever is interested in blockchain space and would like to know more. Please note that it is not an exhausted list, and we might keep updating from time to time. Suggestions are always welcome!

Welcome to the blockchain world! A journey you will not regret.

In 2020, the word “blockchain” is no longer an exotic word. On the contrary, it has become a buzzworld in technology news, financial coverages, and even in textbooks. It is not unreasonable to assume that one day blockchain might become a household name just like the internet, and something modern people cannot live without.

Here is an unexhausted reading/watching/listening list of blockchain, crypto, bitcoin, and Cosmos to get you started. There are already tons of studying materials on the internet, you can always search for content that you are interested in and do your own study. Knowledge in blockchain space is constantly evolving, so some of the analysis might be outdated and you might have to find out by yourself. Remember, don’t trust, always verify!

Enjoy exploring!🤿🎆🎇

Introduction to blockchain/cryptocurrency

Blockchain is not a newly invented technology from scratch. In fact, blockchain innovatively combines some other existing technologies, such as distributed ledger, merkle tree, hashes, cryptography, digital signature, etc, to solve problems that are unsolved before, such as peer-to-peer trust and decentralization. If you already have experience with the above mentioned technologies, you might find blockchain quite familiar. Otherwise, if you are interested, there are a lot of materials explaining those specific technologies as well.


There is no way to understand blockchain circumventing bitcoin. You can also read this part first then go back to the “introduction to blockchain” part as some knowledge is overlapped and you can get familiar with the terms by reading/watching bitcoin related content.

  • Bitcoin whitepaper (available in various languages)
  • Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies. Andreas M. Antonopoulos (available in various formats, you can either read it on Github, or purchase a hard copy, or look for PDF versions online, just perform a quick search online and all set)
  • Introduction to Bitcoin. Andreas Antonopoulos (You can watch this video first to get some general idea about Bitcoin then go back to Andreas’ book)
  • Bitcoin basic workshop. Andreas Antonopoulos (This video covers some not-so-technical parts of his book, if you prefer watching videos, then you can also watch this first, and go back to the books for more technical details)
  • But how does bitcoin actually work? 3Blue1Brown (video with illustrative animation)
  • The Bitcoin Standard. Saifedean Ammous (the book analyzes the historical context to the rise of bitcoin, the economic properties that have allowed it to grow quickly, and its likely economic, political, and social implications.)

Cosmos Network

Forbole is building on Cosmos. It is important to get yourself familiar with the work and ecosystem of Cosmos as it might be your job to build on it someday!

Blockchain programming

For people with a tech background and want to dive into the technology specifics:

Blockchain business, tokenomics, etc

For people with a non-tech background and want to understand the business side in the blockchain space:

The list does not and cannot cover every topic in the blockchain space yet. There are a lot of exciting things waiting for you to explore, such as Ethereum, altcoins in general, crypto asset trading, community building. Once you know what you’d like to know more, just go for it!

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