Big Dipper Monthly Review - January 2021

Caroline Lau

31st Jan 2021, 10:31 pm

This is Big Dipper's monthly review series. We will take a look at our partner projects' progress in the month and what we have contributed.


Akash Official Website   |   Big Dipper for Akash

  • The Akash Network,  a decentralized cloud platform project, has finished the migration to the Cosmos SDK 0.4.0. The Mainnet 2, will be launched in mid-February, is one of the first chains to enable IBC; Product Update 3 of the Akash Network, including the latest news about Mainnet 2 .
  • The validator community is invited to provide feedback on the Akash Network Foundation’s AKT asset delegation framework.
  • AKT tokens were listed on Bithumb Global and DigiFinex successively; won BitMart Cryptos of the year 2020.
  • CEO Greg Osuri held an AMA on the Cosmos Network Telegram channel on the Jan 15th to talk about the decentralized cloud market; Listen to CEO Greg Osuri and Jack Zampolin discuss the relationship between the Akash Network and Cosmos, the excitement of Cosmos IBC and the development of Akash in 2021!

Band Protocol

Band Official Website   |   Big Dipper for Band


Celo Official Website   |   Big Dipper for Celo

  • Celo, a decentralized digital payment platform, released ContractKit 1.0.0, the latest version of Celo SDK, Migration Guide; Successfully activated Contracts Release 1, and released new specifications on Contracts Release 2.
  • The cLabs and Celo community planned to put forward four governance proposals, and they all passed successfully.
  • Token CELO was listed on Binance and LATOKEN.
  • Celo Dollar (cUSD) has a circulation of more than 20 million and is now 22 million; cUSD can be used as a payment currency in all Paychant merchants and remittances; Celo is preparing to launch cEUR, a stable coin pegged with euro.
  • Became a sponsor of ETHDenver and ColoradoJam 2021; Cooperation with Ramp Network.
  • The CELO reward program will be launched, and CELO will be rewarded to confirmed addresses with cUSD savings. The reward will be 4x before March 1st.
  • The Celo team explained Why Crypto should Go Mobile. Celo hopes to encourage better adoption for new cryptocurrency users and mainstream users.

Cosmos Hub

Cosmos Official Website   |   Big Dipper for Cosmos

  • The Cosmos ecosystem, which aims to build a million block chain, released new versions of Cosmos SDK, Tendermint and Gaia, ready to welcome Stargate and IBC. Added Cosmos SDK app state sync. State sync reduces the time required for new nodes to synchronize the network from a few days to a few minutes.
  • Proposal #34 "Financial Support for the Promotion of Atom" passed, 129,208 ATOM will be used to enhance the value perception of ATOM and Cosmos Hub; Proposal #36 "Delay of Hub Stargate Upgrade for approximately 2 weeks". The Stargate team recommended postponing the upgrade to February 18 to achieve the best IBC experience. Hence, they made proposal #37 "Stargate upgrade on 2/18" later. Currently proposal #36 and proposal #37 are still in the voting period.
  • Cosmos engineers Informal Systems completed the audit of IBC.
  • Successfully deployed a Peggy (Cosmos-Ethereum bridge) on its testnet using Sifchain, a cryptocurrency exchange protocol developed by the Cosmos SDK
  • The Ethereum-Cosmos Gravity Bridge by Althea will come to the Cosmos Hub. Given the value of the pledged Atom, this is the most secure, effective and decentralized cross-chain bridge connecting Ethereum.
  • Chainapsis has completed the installation of InterchainAccount, ICA (ICS27), and is ready to adapt to STARGATE. ICA allows one blockchain to securely control an account on another blockchain through #IBC and try it out on Starport.
  • The CosmWasm team released CosmJS 0.24.0-alpha.14 to support Stargate; released final test Musselnet-2 for Stargate, and the era of cross-chain smart contracts began. All CosmWasm contract developers and IBC relayers can link to test Musselnet-2 from now on.
  • There are more than 200 projects on Cosmos! Learn about the applications and blockchain developed using the Cosmos technology stack here, and submit your project here.
  • Summary of the Cosmos Annual Conference Interchain Coversations II by Forbole, including Forbole co-founder Kwun Yeung's speech on Decentralized Social Networks and Mass Adoption.


Desmos Official Website   |   Big Dipper for Desmos

  • Desmos, a decentralized social network platform project, released Desmos Helios, which is based on Cosmos Stargate. At the same time, a new testnet, Morpheus-13000,  is used to upgrade the running testnet; Smart Contracts are being implemented in the chain to help you introduce more and more sophisticated features in the decentralized social network.
  • The decentralized Weibo app Mooncakeapp has been temporarily removed from all stores.


Flow Official Website   |   Big Dipper for Flow

  • Flow, a decentralized game applications blockchain platform project, updated Flow Playground, the developer tool. Developers can now contribute to the open source API and front-end, use the latest version of Cadence, easily export projects to Cadence files, and share and embed Cadence snippets.
  • VIV3 joined the Flow ecosystem and became the first general NFT marketplace on Flow. Artists, game studios and brands can mint unique tokens each representing their digital creation on the Flow blockchain as NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). The market sold out within 24 hours after the release.
  • The NBA Top Shot continues to set new records. Over the past weekend, total sales in this market were $9.06 million. In addition, LeBron James and Zion Williamson moments were sold for $100,000. The NBA Top Shot also continues to top the list of cryptocurrency collectibles, and is now the highest-selling cryptocurrency collectible ever.
  • Partnership with T-Systems. T-Systems will run an execution node that will greatly improve Flow's computing power and help expand the network for the next billion users without affecting decentralization.


Kava Official Website   |   Big Dipper for Kava

  • Kava, a decentralized financial platform project, will launch Kava 5 soon, which will bring an optimized bottom layer, improve cloud infrastructure performance, and provide a new HARD Protocol borrowing function; Kava 2021 Roadmap.
  • Kava integrates Chainlink as its official oracle network. Now, projects like HARD Protocol are using Chainlink to obtain reliable data to determine the settlement price of mortgages and auctions.
  • Trust Wallet app now supports HARD.


LikeCoin Official Website   |   Big Dipper for LikeCoin

  • LikeCoin, a decentralized publishing infrastructure project, rewarded more than 40 million LikeCoins to more than 13,504 content creators.
  • Proposal #7 “Increased inflation rate from 2% to dynamic inflation rate of 7% to 20%” has passed; Proposal #8 “Decrease the minimum deposit from 1,000,000 LIKE to 100,000 LIKE for the proposal” is currently in the voting period.
  • Released a new version of the LikeCoin WordPress plugin package. The new version  will display the publishing status on Matters, IPFS in the metabox and the list of administrator posts; Web monetization is now enabled on the LikeCoin WordPress plugin. It allows content creators to obtain streaming media funds when Coil subscribers visit the website.


Solana Official Website

As an open source block explorer, Big Dipper has been forked 107 times on GitHub, and users from more than 140 countries and regions have used Big Dipper. The Big Dipper team is upgrading Big Dipper, which will become a comprehensive blockchain explorer and token management tool in the future.

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