Forbole has voted NoWithVeto to proposal 5. We are very happy with exporting the state at height 500,000. However, we strongly disagree with these points in the proposal:

  1. The IPFS file stated wrong height at point 3 which can cause confusion.
  2. The genesis time of cosmoshub-2 is too close to the end of cosmoshub-1. The estimated block time of 500,000 will be around 22 Apr 14:40 UTC. It will be less than 3 hours from the proposed genesis time, which is 22 Apr 17:00 UTC. Although having some down time is not a big deal, I believe most validators would like to be online at genesis time.
  3. The upgrade process on gaia-13002 to gaia-13003 is different from that on the mainnet. It didn’t include state export. In such short time, validators need create the new genesis file, upgrade software and restart the node. I believe it will generate a some problems during the upgrade with those uncertainties. I’m not sure if the community can give enough support during the gap time while it’s the Easter holiday.

We hope Cosmos could be more diversified and inclusive, we suggest

  1. We do an upgrade practice from gaia-13003 to gaia-14k with state export.
  2. Have at least 12-hour room for validators to do the upgrade after the upgrade practice.

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