You will become more successful by helping others to succeed. An effective way to achieve this is to help people to seize opportunities. If more people choose to become a giver, a powerful community of givers will arise. This post suggested how this would work.

Whenever there is a community, no matter it is online or offline, there will be some kind of central authority to run it. But central authority tends to corrupt. I have cited a real life example how an offline business community could go wrong and how Forbole would solve this problem.

As we want to build an inclusive and diversified community of givers, the culture of our team should be the same. That’s why we need people who are different from us to join us.

And we are not alone. Institutions are now more concern about diversity. AppWorks is one of them. As a leading accelerator in South East Asia, they are now inviting blockchain/AI startups all over the world to join their next cohort. Diversity matters.

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