After I posted “Become our angels” on my Facebook, I have received some unexpected responses. I have not received some expected responses. This is so interesting.

In fact, what we are doing is like a private crowdfunding.

I love to play a PC game called Uncharted Waters. I love to use a character called Ali Vezas. He was a poor guy in Istanbul. So he asked the people he knew in the town for a fundraiser to support his journey as a merchant. What you need to do is to talk to everyone in the town. You can take a look see what Ali has encountered…

First thing first, your ship was broken. You need to persuade the repairer to delay his fee as an investment (Oh! Investment by sweat!):

Your partner questioned about the start-up capital. Yeah, we can’t trade without any money!

Some people hate you so much that he would not deal with you like forever and in whatever circumstances:

And there are people who “always thought you’d make something of yourself someday.”:

And yes, even a little bit would help us to get started. So don’t be shy if you want to support us with just a little bit of money:

You should always ask yourself, “Why people have to trust me?”:

Even your dream girl will invest in you! (Disclosure by Terence: this has not happened on me, not yet)

Of course, you are staking your reputation and your relationships when you ask for investment from family & friends. Will you stake your relationship with your dream girl?

What funny? We have experienced the same as Ali…

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